Sunday, September 18, 2011

Green River Paddle!

 I had an awesome day paddling on the Green River in Cave City, Kentucky! My new kayak is a sweet thing! The weather started out rainy but turned out wonderfully warm and sunny! There were 21 of us in all with some experienced paddlers mixed in with us newbies. Everyone had a great time and we were really up for a longer was over too soon! I really do need a paddling partner...soon!
That's my baby! The red, yellow, and orange one!
The nose of my boat and some of the paddlers.
A cave I wanted to go in...I got out voted!  :-(
Beautiful, misty morning!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My New Kayak!

   Here I am on the maiden voyage of my new kayak! I took the plunge (no pun intended!) with a little help from a couple of wonderful friends! One had expert knowledge of kayaks and went with me to the sporting goods store. The other - well you know who you are! Thank you sooo much! It is a great kayak and tomorrow is a trip down the Green River in Cave City, Kentucky! Wish me luck with NOT swamping this one! LOL!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

80's Dance Party!

  Last night I attended an 80's themed dance party in Nashville! I had a blast dancing to some great music and visiting with some very nice people. Of course, I got a few odd looks as I walked a couple blocks to the venue. This picture shows part of my 'costume'. I added huge dangly silver hoop earrings and a wrist full of  silver bangle bracelets. Then I put on black high heeled boots for a finishing touch! Oh! And blue eye shadow! LOL!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Up Group Pictures!!

  Look what I found on the Kayak Lesson Meet Up site! Two cool action shots of ME from my first 'real' river paddle!! The other paddles I went on previous to this were very quiet lake paddles for practice. This was the paddle where I got hung up on some rocks and swamped my boat! Drowning was NOT in my plans for that day! LOL! Luckily I had some help getting the water out of my kayak - but I was still bogged down and moving slow! These two pictures are before that happened. I hope you like them!

Leslie took this picture - that is the nose of her kayak
How do you like me now!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Find!!

   On this rainy Labor Day I went shopping with my daughter Aimee. We went to an indoor yard sale and I found this cool motorcycle helmet!! It was marked $35.00 but I got it for $20!! The face shield is missing but I prefer to wear I can get the face shield replaced if I want to! Check out the pictures! I already have a leather jacket from years ago so I am ready for my lessons!! I will be taking pictures from my lessons later this month...I can't wait!! Now I just have to sit down and create some scrapbook layouts from my adventures so far!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kayaking Pictures

   School all day...then back at night for Open House! Smiling is so hard sometimes! My kayak partner is on vacation in Ireland for 10 days!!! Luckily she posted a new paddle for when she returns. Our last big paddle was on the Red River. The next one is on the Green River in Cave City, Kentucky! Another 8 miler---can I do it? My shoulder is still sore from the fall I took hiking last weekend---I think I can---I think I can! I hope to have my own kayak by then! Meanwhile here are some pictures from last time.

Funky old bus we rode on!
blue sky, white puffy clouds, calm water...Beautiful!