Saturday, January 16, 2016

Updated Photos of My Craft Room!

     Brian and I have been adding to the Craft Room. I had chosen the largest of the three other bedrooms for my craft room several years ago. The others are a guest room and an office/music room. Anyway, Brian has shown an interest in certain aspects of my crafting and so we have added some new spaces. He also bought me a new printer for Christmas this year! It prints up to 13" scrapbook pages! Awesome!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Not So Happy New Year

     We got some not so great news just before Christmas. Brian has been having CT scans every three months as regular protocol after his melanoma surgeries. All has been well until December. Three small spots showed up on his latest CT scan. One in the left lung and two in the right lung. We decided to go to Vanderbilt in Nashville to see a melanoma specialist. Last week he had the largest of the nodules removed. We spent three days in the hospital. Today we learned that it is positive for melanoma. That means it has metastasized into his lungs. We go back to Vanderbilt on Monday to meet with the melanoma specialist and decide the best course of action. He will be having immunotherapy. We do not know too much about that or what it entails. We do have lots of people praying for him and he has very good health so we are hopeful for a very good outcome. This was not the news we had hoped for in this new year. We were so very close to two years cancer free!
     We did not let all of this keep us down for the holidays. We got a HUGE tree at our favorite Christmas tree farm, we visited the winery close by with the tree hanging out of our tiny car. We went out and about to lots of Holiday events. Brian sang at several events and parties in town including the Gallatin Christmas Parade. We saw the Megacavern in Louisville, KY, as well as the Jim Beam distillery. We had all the kids and grandkids over Christmas morning for presents and brunch. We enjoyed another New Year's Eve in Nashville with 150,000 of our closest friends!
     We are still planning our summer vacation. The choices are hard. New York, Cape Cod, Florida, Texas, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, Arkansas.....etc! I'll keep everyone posted about our decision and on the cancer stuff, too.