Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Already!?

     Hi and Happy Fall, ya'll! It has been unusually warm...still in the upper 80's most days! It doesn't feel like Fall or Halloween at all! We are buying mums and pumpkins and apple cider anyway. We will also be decorating the house for Halloween.
      There have not been any new travels as Brian has been feeling quite exhausted and weak. We even had to take an ambulance ride and spent the day at Vanderbilt!  I tease him that he sure knows how to show a girl a good time! The Dr. let him go ahead with his Nivolumab treatment even though it's wearing him down. The plan is to continue infusions every two weeks until March. He'll have another CT scan next month to see if it's all still working. Say an extra prayer for him, please!
     Our nephew, Andrew, got married Oct. 1st! Lots of family flew in to celebrate...and then they wouldn't go home! LOL! They really had a good time visiting and eating and visiting some more. Brian felt good enough to play a couple of songs at the wedding and then gave us a short concert the day everyone was leaving.
    Our next long adventure is going to be early November in Florida on the Gulf side. We are meeting my dad and step-mom for a two week vacation at the beach! We will be staying at a new place on Redington Beach. We are looking forward to being in Florida again. We may look for a retirement home while we are there!
     I tried to add a couple of pictures but something isn't working right! I'll come back later and try again.