Monday, August 6, 2012

Rally for Education Tonight!

    Of all the crazy things! Our county commission decide to not fund our budget...soooo our school board decided to delay the opening of school! Today should have been the first day of school. Instead there will be a rally at the county executive building before this evenings meetings of the county education committee, the county budget committee, and the full county commission meeting! All local news channels will be there! Can you say NIGHTMARE!!! The county commission has NEVER fully funded our school budget and schools have been forced to make substantial cuts every year...last year to the tune of $5 million!! Commissioners were told then that we couldn't continue having school with this kind of shortfall...guess they weren't paying attention. I hope tonight goes smoothly with no craziness...this is about what is best for Sumner County and it's educational system...not someone's political agenda.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to School!

  Last night was the first of two registration nights for our county.  I think all went very well! I am back in the classroom and teaching First Grade! I am excited and looking forward to a great year! I made some special treats for both parents and students. Here are a couple of pictures. I have more on my camera...but I left it at school! Duh! Off today and then full days tomorrow and Friday...teachers only. Kids first full day is Monday!
Welcome/Goodie bags for students

Apples for the parents