Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day in Nashville!

We had only been back in TN for a few weeks and it was time for our first Valentine's Day! Brian is so very romantic so he planned a whole weekend of festivities for us! What a fun and sweet time! Flowers, candy, dinner show, honky tonks on Broadway!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Retirement, Traveling, Snowstorms...Oh My!!

     What a crazy few weeks!! We had an awesome Christmas and New Year's holiday in New York! Lots of family time, lots of cooking, lots of eating!! New Year's Eve was spent in Saratoga Springs where we got married. They call it "First Night" and there is lots of music and street performers and food vendors. At midnight there are awesome fireworks!! We took several 'selfies" with fireworks exploding behind us!! I'll have to add them later because they are on his camera!
     We drove home to Tennessee together on January 3rd and 4th. We had to wait for winter storm Hercules to drop 14 inches of snow on the Capital District area!! We slipped and slid all the way home!! It was crazy dangerous but we got here safely. I was supposed to go to work on the 6th but we had three snow days instead!! It was a nice welcome home for Brian as he didn't have to be alone right away. We were able to spend lots of time getting him accustomed to Tennessee. 

Upstate vacation villa on the day we left in early January!
     We headed back to NY again on the 18th of January for Brian to finish up his job and to have his retirement party. Of course it snowed in the Pocono Mountains and I was driving! We saw three accidents in a five mile stretch of highway so I slid (literally) into a rest area and made Brian drive!! We got to NY safely but I had my eyes closed the whole time!! We were able to pack most of the rest of his things in the car to bring to TN. We also visited and had a very nice retirement party and cleaned out his office. He is officially retired from the state of NY!!! Yay!!

Service presentation at retirement party
     We arrived back in TN on January 25th and, of course, it snowed on us while I was driving in southern Virginia! You can't escape the mountains! We took a 2 hour break in a McDonald's to see if it would blow on by us. No such luck!! We slipped and slid all the way to Bristol, TN!!

Headed home to TN!
Sideways snow somewhere in the VA mountains at a McDonalds

More retirement party