Friday, April 21, 2017

April Update

     So the CT scan wasn't as great as we had hoped for.  One spot was bigger and there is one new spot. On his lung. LDH was over 200...not good. Had a treatment anyway. Very heartbreaking. Two weeks later LDH was 414! Highest it's been since we started. Dr. let him have a treatment but cautioned us that we would have to make a new plan. We left the next day for Florida. Confused, scared, and so very sad. Tired to have a good time in Florida. Stayed at the Satellite with Dad and Carol. Met some new friends. While we were there Mom was taken to ER and transported to Vanderbilt with a golf ball size anyuerism at the top of her left carotid artery! We were all ready to fly home but neurosurgeon said he would operate in two weeks and we'd be home by then. We talked to her repeatedly and she insisted she was fine...and siblings all agreed. We stayed in Florida and talked to her 2 - 3 times a day. We got home on Tuesday April 11th. Mom's angiogram to map her blood vessels was Wednesday morning. Brian's Dr. appt. was Wednesday afternoon. We weren't sure what we would hear from the oncologist. Mom's angiogram went great and they admitted her for the procedure the next morning and we headed over to the cancer clinic at the same hospital...convenient. Brian and Dr. Wyman were discussing treatment options and I was monitoring blood test results. His LDH was down to 186!!!! Dr. Wyman was floored! They decided to continue Nivolumab until June when the next CT is due. If LDH goes up high again they will be able to re-start Ipilimumab...but no one has ever done that before. That's kind of scary to me. That's what made Brian so sick and put him in the hospital repeatedly and trashed his pituitary gland. We shall see! Fingers crossed, prayers constantly!

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