Thursday, February 23, 2017

Happy Spring!

     It's really only February - but it's 75 degrees outside! We got home from NY last night and the grass needs to be mowed! All the flowers and trees think that it's April!
     We took my sister, Susan, up to the hometown. She found her birth sister and birth mother so we went to meet them! Her birth mother has dementia so it was a good visit but without any answered questions. We were moral support. Plus we got to have a semi family reunion.
     Brian has one more infusion and a CT scan to see where we are. If his cancer is still stable they are gonna let him have a break from treatments. We are torn about that. We have been going every two weeks for a year now and we realize that the immunotherapy is working. We don't want to stop but we know that it is hard on his body and a break would be smart. We will continue to trust the doctor and know that he has our best interest at heart. Prayers about that are very welcome!
     With that said, we can soon travel for more extended periods of time! Watch out world - here we come! After our Gatlinburg trip in late October, we drove to Madeira Beach, Florida and spent two weeks with my Dad and step-mom! We got home just in time for Thanksgiving! We then took my Mom to NY in mid December to see family and friends. That was her Christmas present. We spent most of January remodeling the garage to have a workshop and storage area, as well as, a stage for a band! Did I mention that we are probably too old to be hanging drywall and building walls?! Jeesh! What a job. We are not finished yet but it is looking good! February was the trip to NY to meet birth family. Next is Hot Springs for a bit of crystal mining! Then we are spending two weeks in Treasure Island, Florida! That brings us up to early April!! Our next already scheduled trip is for Brian's 40th class reunion in August!
     I am sooooo glad I retired when I did! I don't have time to work!

 building a
first sheet of drywall

my sweet boy when I lost him

one of his Valentine gifts

Vermosa....champagne and cider

Green Mts, Vermont