Monday, November 28, 2011

Surgery :-(

    The Dr. has scheduled surgery for December 15th. The broken arm is healing nicely (even without a cast) - but the rotator cuff is torn almost completely. Couple that with severe bone bruising and tendonitis in my elbow! Let's just say I'll be ready to get the surgery over with!! That means I need to have Christmas all wrapped up before then!!  :-) I got a good start on shopping over Thanksgiving and the tree is up...but not decorated yet. I hope to get in my craft room and finish up some projects before surgery.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


   I went to see my doctor yesterday. You may remember that I went hiking in late August to a place called Rock Island State Park. You may also remember that I fell early on in the hike and hurt my arm. I toughed it out and finished the hike and actually had quite a good time. My arm has not gotten better and, since I started Yoga, it has gotten a bit worse. Here is the shocker! Apparently, I broke my arm when I fell!! I have been walking around, kayaking, hiking, working, etc. and my arm is broken just below my elbow and has been since August!! Duh!! Healing has occurred...but not enough...and my rotator cuff is also torn. I go to the surgeon Monday for an MRI and whatever else he thinks is necessary.  It is looking like I will need surgery over Christmas break from school. That is NOT what I had planned! Anyway, look for an update Monday night. Meanwhile, look at my older posts for Rock Island. In those pictures I had already fallen and my right arm is broken! When you're dumb...ya gotta be tough!!