Thursday, May 12, 2016

Almost Retired!

     Sooooo this is the last month of my teaching career! Sometimes I have mixed feelings about that - but mostly I'm pretty happy and excited! Education is getting absolutely ridiculous and there is no joy in it anymore. Testing, testing, testing! It's time for me to go!
    On another note: Brian started having really bad headaches from the immunotherapy. He got three doses of the combo drugs and then ended up in the hospital! They decided to discontinue the combo drugs and switch him to just the single drug. Nivolumab is the newest and best treatment for his kind of cancer. So he will have a CT scan on Sunday May 15th and then start infusions of that on the 17th. We had hoped to finish all four treatments but it was too risky. The Dr. says that three treatments with the "vigorous auto-immune response" had very good results. I guess the CT scan will show the truth. Regardless, he will start the Opdivo on the 17th.
Vanderbilt Emergency Room

     Our niece, Shelby. graduates on May 20th and a whole bunch of family is coming in to celebrate. We will have a weekend at Dale Hollow Lake! It will be great to see everyone. It should be a great weekend!
     Last Tuesday was my retirement reception at the Central Office! I got a certificate and a marble apple. My friend Kitty is retiring, too! We started together and are finishing up together!
Director of schools, me, Asst. Director