Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not So Smart!

   I am having an awful time learning all the ins and outs of Cricut Design Space and all the things that I want it to do! I know I am getting old, but jeesh!  Inkscape, svgs, unsupported files, font issues! I just want to create! It shouldn't be so hard! I want to make this and I can't add the text I want so it looks good. SIGH!
   Nevermind, I can't even add the picture here!! Goodnight!

One of the errors
Messy kid!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

What a Weekend!

My brother, Michael made a quick trip into town from Manhatten! He stayed with us on Saturday night. Some of the kids and grandkids came to visit. Sunday was grandson, Criss' Birthday party. He wanted it to be at Granny and Grandpa's house! We rate right up there with Chuckee Cheese! The kids went swimming...brrrr...but they didn't care. They rode bikes and scooters, played frisbee and basketball, ate cake and ice cream...all in all a great day! Here is a card I made for Criss. He is into Minecraft this year.

 On Saturday, Brian and I went to a local craft store and  made some Halloween decor. Brian was a good sport about it and did a great job designing his pumpkin. It was the first time either one of us had tried anything like it. We had fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sick Day

     So, I am home again today with strep throat. Yuck! Medicine is working as I have no fever today. I spent a little time in my craft room. Cricut updated their Design Space program and since I was feeling a little better I made a project! Lowe's had their little sample paints on sale for .99 while we were in Florida this summer and I bought 10 different colors. I found an octagon shaped piece of wood that had been on my craft room closet shelf for years. I painted it red. Then I cut a heart shape out of cardstock to use as a template/stencil. I laid the stencil in the middle of the red octagon and painted over the red with an off white color. I took the stencil off and had an almost perfect red heart surrounded by the white. I used sandpaper to distress the white and let the red show through. Then, I cut a split Mr. & Mrs. shape in black vinyl using my Explore machine. I added a cute filigree heart shape and our last name. This is how it turned out!

    The Mr. & Mrs. is a little crooked. I will re-cut and reapply the vinyl so it is straight. I think the little heart embellishment is cute!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hello Again!

    Wow! I am such a slacker! I cannot believe how quickly time flies by. Seems like school just got out and here I am back at it already! Brian and I spent all summer traveling. NY, Cape Cod, Lake Placid, Hot Springs, Texas, Florida...whew!! I went back to work to rest up!
    We lost Brian's brother, Robert, to lung cancer in early April. We had a celebration of his life over the 4th of July in Texas. It was a strange mixture of happy sadness. It was wonderful seeing family again - but for all the wrong reasons.
    We spent some time in Hot Springs (One of Robert's favorite places). We visited the crystal mines and found some really great crystals! We did the whole Bath House experience with hot mineral baths, steam boxes, and massages! Bliss! Then there was the food! Sigh!
     We spent over two weeks in Florida again this summer! We love it there! We even looked at some places to buy in a couple of years when I retire! Even after Brian's melanoma diagnosis and subsequent surgeries, we still spend a lot of time at the beach both in Florida and at the Cape. We are just really careful with sunblock, umbrellas, long sleeves and timing.
     I am ready to get back into my crafting and spending time in my craft room! I have done one complete scrapbook for Brian and me. Working on our wedding and our selfie one now. I am also trying out some new crafts and learning how to use my new Explore machine. I seem to spend a lot of time on Facebook and YouTube for tutorials.  Here are a few random pictures from our travels.
NY trip!
It's cold!