Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chili Paddle!

    Sounds funny, doesn't it!? It is chilly to paddle...but a chili paddle is something else entirely! So first everyone paddles their kayaks out in the Cumberland River - those of us who can anyway. The rest get together and put on this huge Chili Dinner for when everyone gets back! YUM!!
    This weekend was super busy! No great pictures to show yet...going to sit and relax now. Thunderstorming again...I love to sit and listen to the peaceful! A cup of tea and a good book to read...nice, quiet house...mmmmmm! Good night!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Kayaking!

     Yesterday my kayaking meetup group went on a paddle to the Stones River in Murfreesboro, TN. Everybody had a great time - except me - sniff, sniff! :-( Of course, I cannot lift my right arm to hold my paddle!!! But it still is not fair! Whine...whine...whine!!  Just so I would feel better, I signed up to go to a chili supper after next weekend's winter paddle!! If I can't paddle for real yet - then I will paddle vicariously through everyone else! The week following that, I plan to start hiking again with Nashville Hiking Meetup. They do lots of events and I can pick and choose the ones I am able to accomplish.
     Next Dr. visit will be January 31st. He'll probably let me start driving again - I've been driving without permission for over a week now. Then I start 6 weeks of strengthening therapy and then I should be done. That puts me at mid March for recovery. I am planning a camping/paddling adventure with Aquaholics for March 9th! We will be going to Ft. McCoy, FL! Paddling the Rainbow River and the  Ocklawaha River and camping at the outpost right on the river - how fun is that! Here are some cool pictures!!

monkeys along the river  in Florida!
Leslie on the Stones River
Where is my kayak?  :-(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Post Op Visit

  Today was my first day back to work since my surgery. No students today...just meetings and planning. This afternoon I saw the dr. More x-rays to check on broken arm...healing nicely. Biopsy results were fine. Just some kind of cyst attached to the bone. Not cancer! He thinks all the pain is because the arm was so banged up to begin with. I am doing great as far as he is concerned and he thinks I expect too much from myself. I guess I'll just simmer down and enjoy the pain meds! Therapy again tomorrow...oh joy! Thanks for thinking of me!