Wednesday, December 28, 2011


     Today was another physical therapy day. I was able to do a bit more but ended up with another new prescription for pain.  This arm is very different and I am having a SIGNIFICANT amount of pain with it. Doc thinks it's probably due to the fact that the bone was broken in addition to the tear. I also had some kind of cyst on the bone in my shoulder that has been sent for biopsy. It caused the tear to appear smallish but as he went deeper the tear became much larger...that is kind of scary! I see the Dr. again on Tuesday so maybe I'll have some answers then. Meanwhile regular things like dressing and feeding myself have become exercises in proper planning and pain management. I am ready to be well and strong again! As a side note, sleeping while sitting upright is miserable! Wow! So much whining in such a short amount of space! Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes...I know you care.   :-)

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