Sunday, July 15, 2012


Question: How many grandkids can you fit in a kiddie pool?

Answer: All of them!!

 LOL! The space in the middle was for the 3 month old...but he decided to NOT cooperate! Starting at the 12:00 position in the yellow swimmy is the oldest in pink...his big is Clark, then Devin, then Criss, then (standing) is younger twin James, then in green swimmy is Lee. Devin, Taylor, William, and James all belong to my son, Michael. Clark belongs to my daughter, Aimee. Criss and Lee,as well as the absent Lex, all belong to my youngest daughter, Maggie. Whew! This school year Devin will be in 4th grade, Clark will be in second grade, Taylor and Criss will both start kindergarten! Next school year the twins will be in kindergarten!

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