Monday, October 15, 2012


  I have been blogging on my school site and have woefully neglected this one! My scrap room has been neglected as well :-(  However, I went in there yesterday and cleaned up a little and it kind of energized me! Plus, I went to a craft type fair thingy with my mother and got some cute ideas for the holidays! I hope I can get re-energized. I need to look at new career path...and that would be a fun one.
  Here is my new toy! I've been wanting to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I took a class at our local community college and passed both tests to get my license. Decided to wait for a while and practice with something not quite as powerful (or as expensive) as a Harley. I found a beautiful Yamaha V Star Custom 650 on Craig's List! I got a crazy good deal on it and I've been tooling around town getting better every day!  Here is a picture...I think it looks like a Harley. It is soooo comfortable!
Black and Chrome!

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