Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating!

     I have needed a new tree for a couple of years but couldn't find one in my price range that I really liked. This year I found a cashmere tree that looks very real...then it was sold out everywhere I looked! I prefer a real tree but several of the grandkids have asthma so the fragrance from a real tree is not good for them. :-(
     Anyway, I happened to go into a Big Lots store that is new to our area and there it was!!! And....they were sold out!!! The desperation must have shown on my face because the manager offered me the display model...which I quickly helped him disassemble and put in my cart! I hurried home and reassembled it and it was perfect in front of my big picture window! I didn't even decorate it!
     Friday 3 of the grandsons came over and wanted to know why my tree was "naked"! We all climbed up into the attic to find decorations and spent the next couple of hours hanging/dropping/breaking Christmas ornaments! We had a lovely time! Every time Lee dropped one he said, "It wasn't me!" in his deep 2 year old voice! Soooo cute! Here they are...Clark age 7...Criss age 5...Lee age 2.
     Oh yeah! The tree is only decorated up as high as the 7 yr old can reach...and most things are hung in big clusters all together!! LOL!!

It wasn't me!!!
Lee, Criss, Clark

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