Friday, January 4, 2013

All Over but the Cryin'!!!

   Another Holiday Season is behind us...kinda sad. I really enjoy the shopping and wrapping and cooking and baking! The wallet takes a hit with 3 kids and 8 grandkids!! Some come over on Christmas Eve and some come over on Christmas morning! A crazy fun time is had by all!
   Greta got a new baby for Christmas this year...Greta is my German Shepherd!! She got a new puppy that we named Glory. Greta and cute! Glory is a black and tan German Shepherd Dog (GSD). Her father is liver colored like Greta so maybe we'll have puppies someday. Right now we are working on housebreaking and sleeping through the night!! The vet today says she's perfect...of course! She's up to 11 pounds from a little over 7 pounds when she arrived! Here are a couple of cute pictures!

Sleeping with Greta...notice who has the toy!!
How 'bout a little whack!!! LOL!

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