Saturday, October 5, 2013

Traveling Home

   Fall Break started for us yesterday. I decided that I needed a break from the upset and heartache at home. I talked to Mom and we decided to visit our birthplace. One thousand miles later we are in our hometown. The next few days will bring memories to life as we reconnect with friends and family from a lifetime ago. My soul needs replenishing. I hope I can find that here for a while. Reality will intrude soon enough.

     Update: On this night I met my first love again! I really and truly Came Home! My heart is made whole again! Brian came to see me at Ralph Wenzel's house where we are staying for our visit. It was instant re-attraction. It seemed that we had only been apart for a short time when in reality it had been over 30 years! We decided to see where that would take us...little did we know! Our lives have so completely changed. He kissed me and said, "My heart has found its home!" has mine.

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