Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Coloring!!

    Hubby and I spent last night filling almost 300 plastic eggs for the grandkids egg hunt this Saturday! First, of course, we had to go and buy LOTS of candy! We only sampled a few...really! We also bought eight dozen eggs for the grandkids to color. Luckily for us, it is going to be beautiful and warm and sunny on Saturday so we can make that mess outside. Other Easters have been yucky outside so coloring happened inside...and all over the floor...and the walls...and the table...and the kids!! LOL!! It's always a blast and the kids are so proud of their eggs. After the coloring, we go outside to find the candy-filled eggs. Our adult children hide the eggs and then it's a free-for-all!! We have eight "special" for each grandchild...with a "special" surprise inside. Once they are all sugared up we hug them and kiss them and pat them on the fannies and send them home!!!
   This year one daughter's birthday is on we will also have cake and ice cream to celebrate! Fun, fun!!
   We have invited my mom and dad over for dinner on Sunday. Just the four of us...should be nice and relaxing. Of course, mom will also come Saturday to take pictures of the bedlam...I mean egg coloring and hunting! Check back for pictures!!

Lee concentrating!

James, Clark, Taylor, Lee, Criss, William
The mayhem!

Easter fun!

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