Sunday, October 5, 2014

One Year Later...So Much Has Happened

     I have been absent from Blogger for soooo long! You may remember that last October I met my very first love and we rekindled our love story. We married in November, traveled back and forth from TN to NY, he retired from his lengthy state career, he moved to TN and we started our happily ever after. We were settling into our new normal when I noticed a funny mark on his back. We went to the doctor, had it checked out, diagnosis - stage 3 melanoma! Needless to say we spent endless days in shock and terror! I can't begin to describe all the things we were thinking and feeling. The doctors were very aggressive with treatment and Brian had three surgeries in a very short timespan. We would get terrible news and then better news. Our emotions were shot to pieces and we didn't know what to expect next. Biopsies, blood work, PET scans, CT scans, a whole new vocabulary of scary words!! Tumor removal, sentinel node dissection, bilateral axial node dissection...oh my!! Finally, the best news of all -- Cancer has been removed completely!!!!!!!!! Now we go every three months for checkups with the dermatologist and the oncologist for the next two years. We can handle that. We feel very blessed and have come to believe we were meant to meet again so that I could find that cancer and we could fight it together!

    We are busy filling every day with so much living and happiness! We have been to Cape Cod and to Florida and to the Smoky Mountains. We had NY and Texas family here to visit. So much has happened since that very first meeting last October----!

This little spot in the middle of his back

Led to this

And to this at the same time

Which took us here

For this...Bilateral Axillary Nodal Lymphectomy

Cape Cod - still recovering but having fun - 3 weeks post op
On the ferry to Martha's Vineyard
On the beach in Florida!

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