Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Saga Continues

     As you may have heard, my Sweet Husband has has a recurrence of his melanoma. We found out right before Christmas. He had lung surgery in early January to determine if the spots were melanoma or some other cancer. They were melanoma. To say it knocked us on our asses would be an understatement. We were so sure we had gotten rid of it the first time around. So we shopped around for another Dr. and found a melanoma specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center. They have an awesome cancer center. He had several other tests run and it was determined that he should start immunotherapy. The two medicines are Yervoy and Opdivo. Highly toxic and with serious side effects. He started this protocol three weeks ago and we were terrified! He has an infusion of medication - a four hour process - every three weeks. In between infusions he has to go to the Dr. for labs and checkups as the medications are so toxic. So far things are going very well! He has not been sick and all his labs have been great! He has his next infusion on the 29th which is next Tuesday. The entire protocol goes through May 10th. We are hoping and praying that things continue to go this well and he comes through this with no bad effects. The end result is to have the spots all go away. He will have CT scans and MRI scans at the end of the treatment to see what our next steps are.
     Based on the health implications we are facing, and other things happening in education, I have decided to RETIRE! I had planned to stay another two years, but - naaaahhhh! We are now planning where we want to travel first! My last day of work will be May 28th, 2016! I can't believe it! Neither can my boss! LOL! Right now I have started Spring Break! My last Spring Break! YAY!
First infusion - mad face! :-)
Really bad selfie!

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