Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 2017

     Apparently, I really suck at this blogging thing! I will try to do better! Brian continues to go without treatment. He had to have a broncoscopy in November due to the Nivolumab making his lungs all inflamed. He had a couple of biopsies done and also had a Lavage of his lungs. That means they washed his lungs! Weird. It appears that his cancer is gone except for one spot in his lower left lung! He will have another CT scan in February, along with a pulmonary function test. Hopefully, there won't be any more cancer at all. The Nivolumab continues to work even after stopping it. The trick is to keep it from making him sicker than the cancer does. 
     We have been traveling...of course! We went to Port St. Joe, Florida along the "Forgotten Coast". We decided they call it that because they forgot to put restaurants and stuff there! We had a good time anyway. We found the world's smallest police station! We also found several cool lighthouses!
     In late October, we met Wayne and Pam in Treasure Island. We stayed at the Cherie Lynn. Beach and sightseeing! They had never been to the gulf coast and they loved it! When they went home Dad and Carol flew in for our second week of beach and sightseeing. Brian was starting to get sick during that time. He tried real hard to be a good sport. 
     We got a new puppy! Another German Shepherd! Her name is Tesla and she is beautiful! So very smart, too! Greta loves all puppies but she's getting older and doesn't put up with her antics much.
     We celebrated our fourth anniversary in November! I am soooooo spoiled! Four dozen roses! Beautiful topaz and diamond earrings! Beautiful Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow necklace! Sigh!

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