Friday, March 13, 2015

New Toys!

     So my new Cricut Explore Air arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been in my craft room almost non-stop! I wish I could say I have made a lot of stuff but, actually, I have just been playing around! I had to send my Gypsy in for repair (I didn't want to). They lost it and all my content!! NOT happy!! Same company that sold the Explore. All my cartridges were on it and could not be linked to the new machine design space. REALLY not happy!! After lots of messing around and phone calls and emails I finally got a new Gypsy with all my old content (minus my designs). At least now I can use my new machine. They extended my trial subscription to the site for a month - that's not really enough but I guess I'll stop complaining. I'll add a picture of my new stuff later.

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