Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Grandson Layout

    I have six grandsons - this is the 2nd one. His name is Clark. He was playing with his Daddy when Daddy tripped and knocked Clark down and landed on him! Of course they were at my house when it happened! I thought we were going to the hospital! Look at his poor face! It is hard to see but his head even up in his hair is bleeding! Daddy was crying - Clarkie was crying - Mommy was holding Clarkie - Granny was running around getting ice and wet cloths! Once we got him cleaned up and Daddy sent to the other room so Clark would calm down - crying Daddies are hard on kids - we decided to call the pediatrician and continue with ice and wet cloths. Everything turned out fine and dandy! Whew!

Click to enlarge the picture. 

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